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BLKISH is hellbent on providing the help and resources you need to find the success you seek. It doesn’t matter if you are striving to pursue your passion, get fit, create a new lifestyle, or become a millionaire. We got your back.

When like-minded individuals, businesses and, community organizations coming together it presents a very distinct advantage for all.  Combined with applying advanced modern technology to grow and expand our own prosperity while increasing global awareness of the community.

Let’s build Black Wall Street 2.0.


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Our Vision

BLKISH, a self-sustainable community where members thrive, become financially savvy, politically savvy, and has access to members only perks from partnering businesses.

Our Mission

To help our members connect within their local and  business communities, get industry answers from experts, and create economic opportunity for every member across the globe.

This mission is built on three core values:

  • To Inform – knowledge is power.  We believe access to information that impacts culture, values, and belief systems, so you can make better informed decision to better your life and the life of others.
  • To Inspire – You’re a product of your environment. Be a positive influence capable of inspiring yourself and others to become better versions of themselves.
  • To Improve – Provide resources for people who want to gain insight, clarity and more control over their lives.

Our Story

22 year ago, our co-founder A.L. Johnson wrote some notes in a binder that has became The BLKISH Manifesto. Since, he has helped thousands of companies, schools, and organizations thrive using the ideas and philosophies drafted within this manifesto.

We spent months talking with fellow entrepreneurs and local community members about how we can use today’s modern technologies to elevate our communities and our people.

What came out is a platform built by minorities for minorities. BLKISH is a economic & community platform that aggregates ideas, knowledge, and foster connections. To give our members a global reach with a focus on minority empowerment. To make it easier to get industry knowledge, build relationships, and demonstrate how by working together we could elevate our communities, our members, and our lifestyles.

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