Mary J. Blige Doesn’t Want To Be Called “Auntie”, Here’s Why [VIDEO]

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While promoting the upcoming premiere of the Starz spinoff Power Book II: Ghost, Mary J. Blige was asked by HipHollywood about fans of her music, and those among them who like to refer to her, affectionately of course, as “Auntie Mary.”

Blame it on her long, storied career — or maybe all the dancing? Whatever the reasoning, as it turns out, the 49-year-old star actually kind of hates the term.


“I was literally thinking, ‘Why can’t I just be your sister?  And there’s women that are way older than me calling me auntie,” she said during the interview. “I’m like, come on B. Come on. Can’t I just be your sister? Your friend in your head? The auntie is like, come on. Not if you’re 10 years older than me. Please don’t call me auntie. I’ll be your sister and your friend in your head.” 

Blige joins other women in Hollywood who don’t seem to find the term so endearing.

Last year, director Ava DuVernay expressed her confusion with being called “auntie,” and Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King chimed in to say they weren’t feeling it either.

“Auntie Ava? Why? Am…


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