Unskippable Disclaimers For Racism Appear On Several Old Films On Disney+

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A variety of older films on the Disney+ streaming service — including “Dumbo,” “Peter Pan” and “The Aristocats” — now carry strongly worded and unskippable disclaimers alerting audiences to racist imagery. 

The messages appeared as of Friday on the details page of each film and can also be found on the listings for other titles, including “Aladdin” and “Fantasia.”

In the case of “Dumbo,” “Peter Pan” and “The Aristocrats,” the message runs as a 12-second announcement prior to the movie’s start. 

Disney previously included a brief warning of “outdated cultural depictions” on these films on Disney+. The language of the new disclaimers is significantly stronger.

It reads: “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people…


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