Issa Rae hosts SNL, Kanye West reacts on Twitter

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Kanye West: “I’ve always said SNL uses black people to hold other black people back.”

Issa Rae, star and creator of HBO’s hit series, “Insecure” took on the hosting duties at Saturday Night Live for the first time last night.

During her monologue, Rae joked about having nothing but time on her hands these days. The writer and comedian said her go to response to people inquiring about what she’s been up to is: “Puzzles, bitch — I don’t know.”

Rae showcased her talent best in a date sketch with Chris Redd where a parade of her disreputable exes keep turning up and interrupting the dinner date.

One ex, played by Kenan Thompson, aggressively hawked flowers to vulnerable outside diners, and when he spotted Rae, he vulgarly praised her “titty meat” and stole the couple’s French wine before exiting.

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Another live sketch featured Rae alongside Kate McKinnon and Bowen Yang in a Montreal-based morning show, “Bonjour Hi!” In the sketch, Rae displayed a decent, although comical, French accent.

During the “Your Vote Chicago” sketch, Rae played a lawyer for the NAACP. While speaking about political…


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