Supreme Court set to have 3 Bush v. Gore alumni sitting on the bench

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ACB declined to commit to recusing herself from any Trump election case even though she worked on Bush v. Gore

After her confirmation, Amy Coney Barrett will be one of the three current Supreme Court justices who assisted the legal team of then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush in the Florida ballot recount conflict that came down to only one vote at the Supreme Court.

Of course Amy Coney Barrett won't say if a president should commit to a peaceful transfer of power. She was on the Bush legal team that stole the 2000 election. This is part of why Republicans picked her. If the election is close they will try to orchestrate another Bush v. Gore.

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) October 13, 2020

The court’s decision to cut off Florida recounts in 2000 tore apart the justices and the nation, and now, twenty years later, the controversial case still hovers in the air as America approaches the next presidential election.

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Other current-day justices benefited from the ruling that gave Bush the White House over Vice President Al Gore, as they ultimately became Bush appointees to the bench.

In November 2000, John Roberts, then in private…


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