Community Builder

$57.00 / month

Start a Cashopoly Community Business as a Cashopoly Independent Affiliate. During beta phrase we are waiving the $497 on setup (activation fee). Sign up today, cashopolize your city, and start building generational wealth.




Community Builder Benefits:

  • Access to great & unique products
  • Access to unique subscription boxes
  • Order Tracking
  • Point Rewards Program
  • Convenient checkout
  • Free Shipping for order over $25
  • Up to 20% discounts
  • CCB (our Affiliate Program) Auto Enrollment
  • Earn commission & build a Cashopoly Community Builder (CCB) business
  • Marketing Tools for Cashopoly Community Builders (CCB)
  • Management Tools for Cashopoly Community Builders (CCB)
  • Invaluable training resources for Cashopoly Community Builders (CCB)



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