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Recap of Episode 3: “The Changeling” – Unveiling the Witches

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“The Changeling,” an episode of Apple TV+’s “The Changeling,” starts with a horrifying scene in which Apollo is chained up and bloodied. His wife, Emma, now possessed, threatens their baby. In a flashback, it is revealed that Emma has believed their baby is a changeling for months. Apollo wakes up in prison after an incident involving a gun and the death of their baby. He attends a grief counseling group and reveals what Emma did, admitting he lost his mind. Apollo gifts a valuable book to a friend as a prelude to suicide but changes his mind. He returns home to find his mother there and shares his grief with her. In a new grief group, Apollo warns another woman that she will kill her baby, only for her to respond, “It’s not a baby.” Apollo is chased by a man who shows him a recording that triggers his memory of a witch in Brazil. He blames witches for his suffering.

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