So, Now Trump Says Kamala Harris Can’t Pronounce Her Own Name…?

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Even four days out from the election, President Donald Trump is doubling down on racist attacks against his opponents. At a Friday rally in Michigan, Trump had all of the familiar tricks in his bag, including criticizing politicians he loves to hate, like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer — and of course, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. 

After spending the better part of his rally dismissing other Democratic women in power, Trump went in on Harris with a time-honored Trumpism: mispronouncing her name. “Biden’s running mate is America’s most liberal senator. She makes Bernie look like a conservative. Crazy Bernie is like a conservative compared to her,” Trump said, adding, “KAH-ma-la. You have to pronounce it exactly right, otherwise she gets very upset, even though she can’t pronounce it right. You saw that the other night, I think that was actually on the great Laura Ingraham show.”

Of course, this is not the first time Trump — or other Republicans — have purposely mispronounced Kamala…


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