Spend The ‘Extra Hour’ From Daylight Saving Time On Sex, Not An Existential Crisis

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When I first realized that Daylight Saving Time would happen this weekend, I was crushed. The powers that be could keep that “extra hour.” I didn’t want it to get dark any earlier. And I wholeheartedly agreed with Twitter — the last thing we needed was another hour of 2020. But then I had an idea: Why not spend those 60 minutes on an earth-shaking, toe-curling hookup? Or even for a rousing, intense, solo sex session?

Heartened by the idea, I asked two of my favorite sexperts to weigh in with ideas for how to put the extra time to the steamiest possible use. They noted that this Daylight Saving Time actually falls during an opportune time for creative sex — this weekend is Halloween and we’ll be experiencing a full moon. Plus, Sunday sex is always spicy. Here are their hottest tips.

Set the mood 

Make sure that you’re all set up to make the most of your “extra” hour, says Ashley Manta, an award winning sex and relationship coach, and founder of Activating Your Cosmic Pussy. Consider creating a playlist (Manta recommends queuing up the song Fetish by Jessi Malay or anything by Portishead). Slip on some soft or luxurious lingerie. Light some…


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