These Are The 7 Shoes You Need This Fall

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In February, when this fall’s selection of footwear was first presented, we had little to no idea how 2020 would play out. For one, we didn’t know we’d be spending most of our time inside, making anything with too high a heel or an uncomfortable strap impractical for our daily life. Now that fall’s actually here, though, and we’ve had the chance to (somewhat) adjust to life in a pandemic, we’ve realized something: our favorite shoes don’t have to go untouched — we just have to get creative about the ones we choose and the ways we wear them. Those that made the cut have to check off one of the following two boxes: durability — for the rainy and cold weather — or style — that way, even if they’re impractical, they still make you happy, which, these days, is a feat in and of itself. What we’re trying to say is that hope is not lost for fall footwear. 

This fall, there are no surprises in the footwear department. Instead, by our calculations, there are seven pairs of shoes that you need to round out your autumnal collection, most of which probably already exist in your wardrobe. Loafers and cowboy boots are a must in terms of trends — the former being…


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